Auschwitz: The Death Factory

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The Nazis had opened a special front to eradicate Jews. They vowed to systematically, and with professional efficiency, wipe out the jew race from Europe. For twelve long years, Europe was converted into 'death fields.' The concentration camp at Auschwitz ,soaked in the blood of thousands, was yearning for more. The butchering doctor, the kapos, the Nazi soldiers and comanders spent their days counting again and again the number of jews they had killed and planning how they could achieve higher numbers. Every single of 1.2 million Jews, including toddlers and infirm elders were made to walk all the way to the gas chambers. People thrust into ghettos had lost their identity , lost their emotions and feelings. The flames of the Auschwitz crematoria were getting hungrier and the clouds of the black smoke emitted from the chimneys were writing across the sky that they had enough. But the Naziz had gone berserk. Death had its greedy mouth perennially open for more. Twelve years is a pretty long time. Those forgettable twelve years were particularly longer. They had taken our modern civilization backward. It was the darkest period of modern times. The story of Auschwitz makes all of us hang our heads in shame

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