About Us


 Padmagandha Publications is one of the most prominent, prestigious and notable publishing houses in Marathi. We have been conferred almost all the important awards in Marathi for good literature as well as production.

 Padmagandha  Publications was started in 1988 with the aim to present the marathi readers, a good literature. Today, we have come a long way and have established as an important publishing house. Besides this; novel, fiction, non fiction, poetry are also the main elements of Padmagandha. Novelists like late Vyankatesh Madgulkar, late V. S. Valimbe are on our list. Linguistics, biographies and autobiographies, social literature, science, character development, health, Nature, economy are also the elements of Padmagandha.

  Recently, Padmagandha Publications has started with translations of quality literature from across the world. Hercule Poirot Series by Agatha Christie, Albert Camus works, The Alchemist, The Zahir [both by Paulo Coelho], Beloved [Toni Morrison] Le Mots [Jau Paul Saartra], Laughter with my father [Karlo bulosan], Manuel Comroff, And Now Migel [joseph Crumgold], Pride and Prejudice [Jen Austen], Death be not Proud [John Gunther] have been translated in marathi by Padmagandha Publications.

 More than 500 books have been published by Padmagandha Prakashan till date. Around 90 books have been honoured by various eminent  government and private institutes.
Padmagandha is known for its some major projects apart from its mainstream contribution.
·        Published the volume known as “Radho”, which includes 8 books on the ideological literature and works of Raghunath Dhondo Karve.
·        Published the 7 novels of Shreedhar Vyankatesh Ketkar.
·        Padmagandha is a part of the National Project undertaken by Dr. Ganesh Devy “Peoples Linguistics Survey Of India” and is responsible for the state of Maharashtra.
·        Apart from this, Padmagandha has published 20 books on Indology and research work of Dr. R. C. Dhere.
·        Apart from this, many books on literary criticism by prominent writers are under the name of Padmagandha Prakashan.
            “Padmagandha”, a Diwali special issue is looked upon as a magazine of quality literature. It is also one of the much awaited magazine by readers. Many honourable authors as well as upcoming authors aspire to be a part of it every year.
         “Uttam Anuvad” also a Diwali special issue is only one of its kind, which has translated literature from different languages. Started only in 2003, Uttam Anuvad has created its impression in market and the minds of readers. 
        Critic, Research, Tradition and Folk are the four pillars of our structure. Famous critics, and scholars, the likes of Dr. R. C. Dhere, Dr. S. R. Gadgil, Vinda Karandikar, late Dr. Morje Dr. D. B. Kulkarni... the list goes on, have made great contributions to marathi literature through Padmagandha Publications.
Infact it won't be exaggeration if we say that Padmagandha Publications has created unique identity in this area
  In short, Padmagandha in among the top publishing houses in Marathi. Our Motto has been to  present good literature to our readers and we have and will always abide by it.

              Basically a student of science, Arun Jakhade, entered this profession out of his immense love for literature. He liked to read books when young and out this liking he founded Padmagandha Publications with a Diwali special issue - Padmagandha.
Today he is looked upon as one of the best publishers in business. Out of sheer hard work he has created his own image and taken Padmagandha Publications to this height.
             Infact, Fouzia Saeed [Pakistani author, social activist and feminist] has described his work as " A mission".Besides being an honoured publisher, he is also looked upon as a good author. He has received more than 10 awards, including the Maharashtra Government awards, for his writing skills.
              He is a part of the National Project undertaken by Dr. Ganesh Devy “Peoples Linguistics Survey Of India” and is responsible for the state of Maharashtra. As a part of this project he has edited as well as published the Maharatra Volume named  “Bharatiya Bhashanche Loksarvekshan -Maharashtra” under the guidance of Dr. Ganesh Devy. The work has received prestigious awards from various imminent  institutions,  as well as Maharashtra State Government Award