• Heat Of The Night

Heat Of The Night

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The novel Heat of Night revolves around the three main characters Willi, who is CEO of big automotive company, Coral, his secretary and accomplice and Damien, the antagonist of the story. Willi and coral decide to purpose the slightly illegal path of pocketting big cash through a company deal, to help their expenses during the lull of recession. Damien comes to know of this and blackmails them to keep her mouth shut. Willi and coral decide to stop this blackmail by dealing with him on individual terms. Coral decided to seduce Damien to her side and to propose him to kidnap Willi's daughter to extradicate more cash from him. On the stormy eventful night while Coral is at Damien's House to fulfill her plan Willi gives an unexpected visit. Unknown to the fact that Coral is present Willi shoots Damien at his shoulder. As Coral, frightened decides to run, she sees a gloved hand shoot Damien in her camera and her conscience already ready to blackmail Willi, what will Coral do? The Novel later, present many twists and turn, offering a peep into complicated characters, involvement of police of many nation and a sudden entry of an underground gang that keep the readers involved. Dr. Ajit Kulkarni is definitely one of the most gifted people. A pathologist by profession, and a highly successful at that , he shares his passion with literature, singing and acting . Whilst being a revered allopath, he has been practicing homeopathy for last four decades. He has also acted in 17 films and given several public performances as a singer

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